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Our Management Team

T.G. Miller, Co-Founder, CEO, & Managing Director
Mr. Miller is a well-known expert in both corporate and securities structure, financing (IPO, M&A), and listings on various exchanges. He has extensive experience in the establishment of health care facilities including clinics, assisted living facilities, and memory care homes. He is well versed in analytical metrics, due diligence, acquisitions, negotiations, and management. Mr. Miller has four decades of experience in the health care industry as the CEO/Chairman of internationally listed public companies traded-on multiple US and global exchanges.

Experience Summary
WynLife Homes Corp. CEO, Managing Director, & President: Current owned or acquiring 124 existing assisted living and memory care facilities. All of which have been made possible via equity, financing and joint ventures.

USA Health Technologies Inc.:  Mr. Miller, as CEO, co-developed sports medicine physical therapy equipment and one of the most highly computerized ROM equipment in the industry. He has developed markets in the US and internationally (80+ country export) and set up clinics in various countries. Mr. Miller also Co-developed and patented "The Evaluator" for workplace pre-injury testing, PT determination, and cross training, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act. "The Evaluator" is compliant with ADA, EEOC, NIOSH, and OSHA, and has reduced repetitive trauma "workers compensation" injuries and claims drastically.

Lifeline Healthcare Group, Ltd.: Mr. Miller spearheaded the acquisitions of the following divisions of clinical pharmacies: home health care, FDA-licensed pharmaceutical manufacturing (co-packing and generic production), FDA nutrient and care products manufacturing and distribution division, health-related financial services firms (along with health insurance companies and the "Care Association" including the Care Federal Credit Union) and the first computerized medical billing company, as well as publicly traded - multiple market listings.

Winn A. Coffman, EVP, Marketing, Director, Assistant Secretary, & Co-Founder
Mr. Coffman's experience since 1977 has been in the financial, health care, and building industries. He is licensed in commercial and residential construction as a recognized expert and consultant by and to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Mr. Coffman is licensed in multiple states as a principal in financial services and products.  He has been an advisor, director, and officer of public and private companies including USA Health Technologies, a manufacturer of physical therapy equipment with specialized facilities in over 80 countries.   

Mr. Coffman has experience in the acquisition of assisted living facilities and the management thereof.

Joseph G. Perretta, Secretary-Treasurer, Director, & Co-Founder
Mr. Perretta brings more than 35 years of experience in corporate and securities structure, financing, and marketing to WynLife Homes. He worked at the Brooklyn Union Gas Company, where he served as the Manager of Dealer Relations. The company is now known as National Grid. Concurrently, he served as Coordinator of Memberships at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Perretta also devotes his time to his philanthropic endeavors.

Alkis R. Alexiadis PT, EVP, Therapeutic, Nutritional, & DME Operations
Mr. Alexiadis brings experience in the medical, health, and wellness fields. He is a licensed physical therapist and the owner of Active Therapeutics Inc., a rehabilitation company, and has professional medical experience in both rehabilitation and wellness settings.

Mr. Alexiadis' area of focus is in cardiopulmonary and geriatric rehab with expertise in instituting preventive interventions for the elderly. He has prior experience and affiliations with many of New York's most trusted medical institutions, including the New York Hospital, the Hospital for Special Surgery, Mount Sinai Hospital, and Doctors Hospital.

Furthermore, he has qualifications in nutrition, wellness menu creation, and bulk procurement. He has experience and skills in ownership, management, DME, and quality control. Mr. Alexiadis also has both medical patents and electrical patents to his personal and professional credit.